The Neutral Corner was founded in 1985 as a nonprofit organization registered with the state of California. Created as a self-help support group to assist crossdressers, transsexuals and their spouses or significant others, we are dedicated to helping individuals understand and adjust to the phenomena of gender dysphoria. We provide a contact point for transgender individuals.

For many, a Neutral Corner meeting provides his or her first encounter with other transgender individuals. For many, it opens their eyes to the fact that they are not alone in their situation, that there are other individuals like them who understand what they are going through.

The focus of much of our efforts is to foster a greater understanding of the implications of gender dysphoria, not only for the transgender individual, but also for those who are not transgendered. Neutral Corner provides speakers for community, medical and educational seminars in order to broaden public understanding of transgender individuals.

Most importantly, we offer an oportunity for self-expression, acceptance, understanding and friendship in a supportive and empathetic environment.


Our Board of Directors

President: Veronica
Vice President: Karen
Secretary: Renee
Treasurer: Pam

Librarian: Marilyn
Database Manager: Renee

Newsletter Editor: Melanie

Webmistress: Caroline


Contact Numbers

Post Office Box:
The Neutral Corner
Post Office Box 19008
San Diego, California 92159-008

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Please note:
With all our communication with you, please provide us with a "safe name", one you would feel comfortable with others seeing associated with you. It is not our desire to out you to your family or your friends.